5 Eating Disorder Symptoms I wish I could Let go of

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1. Sort of a symptom but I hate people telling me that I don’t look like I have an eating disorder. That’s not a compliment like they think it is. Having an eating disorder is a serious medical condition.

2. It seems like when someone has an eating disorder, they usually have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep.

3. Low self esteem is a problem. Part of it stems from overthinking what other people think of me too much, to seeing celebrities and other public figures with their bodies and wondering why I don’t look like that.

4. Being Depressed. This can stem from number three as well. It’s a feeling of never feeling good about yourself.

5. Society Withdrawal. This can be tough because it’s part of multiple symptoms. When you can’t sleep you don’t really go out because you don’t have the energy. When your self-esteem is low you don’t want to be seen. And when you’re depressed, you just don’t feel like going out.



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