There are 5 stages to Binge Eating. I have stage 4, What do you have?

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Stage 1: Beginnings – You are eating more and more food at meals and during snacks. Sometimes you even start sneaking it so others don’t see you eating it. You often find yourself feeling uncomfortably full. But you don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re simply just eating a little more, right?

Stage 2: Revelation – It hit’s you like a brick wall. You have an eating disorder. What you’re doing isn’t healthy. You’ve been eating too much recently and maybe even your body is suffering some side effects of this. Some might include weight gain, bloating, diabetes, or high blood pressure.

Stage 3: Plan for Attack – Your friends and loved ones have finally talked you into getting help. You speak with a Dr. and have set up a pretty good plan for how to stop. Maybe this plan involves therapy sessions.

Stage 4: Action – You initiate your attack on your binge eating disorder. You make sure to let your friends and family know so they can help you through this. You start developing healthy habits including eating less and trying to not snack as often. You make sure to keep your house clear of any foods that might break your current healthy action plan.

Stage 5: Maintenance – You have gone a few months without relapsing into binge eating again. Now you just have to maintain the healthy habits you’ve developed from stage 4. Your family is probably proud of you for kicking the habit and will continue to provide support for you whenever you falter. You’ve done a great job now keep it up!


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