Why Do People Actually Binge Eat? Here’s an Answer!

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Binge Eating – What is it really trying to tell you?

How many times have you walked up to your fridge past midnight – only to find leftovers of the food you don’t even like but ended up gobbling it down anyway?

How many times have you munched on a full family sized bags of potato chips while watching a movie and then regretted it later?

How many times have you overdone your consumption of green tea, just so you could satisfy yourself that your body is burning all those extra calories that you shoved down your throat mindlessly in form of jumbo chocolate bars?

How many times have you punished yourself by pacing to and fro in your bedroom instead of sleeping just because you overindulged on the dinner table YET again?

It’s all fun and games until your pants don’t fit anymore! Or, until your binge eating habit actually gets on your nerves and cause you pain, mental stress, anxiety, guilt, shame and other serious mental and physical health issues.

Dietitians and Nutritionists have agreed upon the fact that constant overeating – also known as binge eating – is NOT a habit. While it is okay to overindulge every once in a while on the dinner table or treat yourself with an extra load of carbs; it is not okay to constantly have double dinners/lunches/snacks. If you find yourself constantly craving for food; and this is something you cannot control; maybe it is time to take your binge eating a little more seriously.

Binge Eating is a Serious Sign; Your Body is trying to tell you something!

Pay close attention to your body and what is it trying to tell you. Binge eating is a symptom. It is an indication that your body is either going through a mental or/and physical trauma or deficiency. The reasons behind your binge eating episodes can be as simple as dehydration or as intense as serious depression.

1- Watch Your Water Intake

Binge Eating can actually be triggered or initiated if your water intake is not sufficient. When your body is dehydrated, it sends your brain a signal that it wants something. So, next time when you feel hunger pangs, try gulping down a glass of water first instead of a big bowl of mac & cheese.

2- You Eat your Emotions

Stress, anxiety and fear are the main reasons of binge eating. When things around you are not as comfy or in your control as you would want them to be; you end up finding your comfort in food. Since food is what that you can actually control; you tend to overdo it a bit. Next time you feel down, go for a stroll in town, not to your fridge.

3- Skipping your Meals

When you skip meals; or you eat food that doesn’t provide your body with all the nutrition it requires; you binge eat! Skipping meals or not eating enough or depriving yourself of your favorite foods in the name of diet actually disturbs your metabolism. And, you end up eating larger heavier meals. Thus, to avoid binge eating episodes, never skip a meal & always indulge in moderation.



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